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WinDVD represents music and video player software on your Windows based computer. It is an excellent solution for playing of high quality videos and viewing of DVD-Video films on your personal computer. The player has everything to experience exhilarating entertainment. Now you can enjoy your favorite movies and blockbusters thanks to the perfect picture quality and razor-sharp sound performance. By the means of WinDVD you can also play DVD-Video backups that are stored on hard disks. Another advantage of WinDVD consists in the usage of the player for playback of videos and music files available in other formats and that are encoded with different codecs such as Xvid, DivX, Windows Media Video, MP3 as well as AAC audio.

With WinDVD your hopes concerning the demoware will be realized, as the player in question is distinguished by easy-to-operate and visually enjoyable interface as well as the complete set of extra features. Thus you will enjoy the theater-perfect quality playback of videos. The player also includes a slider control specially designed for accentuating of your favorite film scenes and watching them in the softwares crystal pure display. The viewing-time control feature enables the repacing of actions in order to fit in with the available time needed for viewing. WinDVD also features a number of audio options meant for Dolby systems.

As regards the video options, they contain ultimate customization such as gamma, contrast, color and up-to-date tools meant for monitor calibration. The softwares tremendous 30MB frame includes the necessary tools to fix up to six frames simultaneously. You can also watch movies or videos from your camcorder or camera without downloading them. WinDVD Pro also represents a Blu-ray player; consequently it can support AVCHD for more intense music and movies performance.

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