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Windows Media Player Visualizations Are Enjoyable For Listening and Watching

Windows media player visualizations are big achievements of computer technologies. They provide music lovers an opportunity to “see” music tunes at the same time they are listening to them. These visualizations produce animated effects that are created due to changes in volume and pitch of the music. Windows Media Player has many features and possibilities beyond simple video and audio playback and continues to develop. Besides playing sounds and viewing images it has the ability to copy them, to change their formats, to synchronize their content with a digital audio player or other mobile devices. Windows Media Player Twelve is the last version that was released with Windows Seven. It requires intrinsic support for Windows Media codec added with specific Direct Show filters and also WAV and MP3 media formats. It has menus, titles and chapters, parental controls and audio track language selection if compatible decoders are installed. The current three visualizations of Windows Media Player are Alchemy, Bars and Waves, and “Battery”. You can download from Microsoft’s website quite new visualizations such as “Trilogy II” and “Yule Log”.

Some basic windows media player visualizations produce oscillation effects like those viewed on an oscilloscope. They are really beautiful as they move to the beat of the music. It seems you are getting into some unreal world when you look at them. Typically the amplitude and frequency of the waves depend on the volume and frequency of the music. It is very surprised to watch the visual representation of the audio. Different oscilloscope-style visualizations have various colors, background effects, and number of oscillations. Their design hasn’t changed much since the earliest implementations of music visualization available in computer audio players. Their purpose is to emulate the look of graphic equalizers on audio equipment. For audio lovers it is a familiar and identifiable effect. For casual listeners it is an exciting and at the same time calming representation. So, the visualizations of media player are really a great thing. They magically turn your computer into a digital jukebox for your dancing party.

You can reach your desired effect enlarging your player to full mode. There is a possibility to download different wonderful visualizations for free in Internet. Find the setup program and all necessary tools. Click download, then point to visualizations which you can get straight through to the Microsoft site. Double click it to load, and then follow all onscreen instructions. You can even create your own music visualizations if you learn how to do it. Reveal your fantasy and imagination. There are different nice plugins for it. You also can design screensavers using music and video images. For example, Video two Screensaver Converter will allow you to convert your best video files to screensavers. Windows media player visualizations are good ways for enjoyable listening and watching.


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