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VLC Media Player 1.1.4

Language: Multilingual;
Year of Release: 2010;
Platform: Windows All;
OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Seven.

VLD Media Player 1.1.4 is general purpose media player that comes with hardware-based acceleration support. It is a free media player full of ample opportunities and open to detached developers. The media player is able to support practically all existing video formats and audio files such as MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, XviD, DivX, H.264, MP3, OGG, etc, as well as ordinary DVD and VCD disks. VLD Media Player 1.1.4 helps you to play practically any type of stream video, traffic stream from all satellite receivers included. It may play the role of a server needed for the transmission of the stream through the network and the use of IPv4 or IPv6 protocols on conditions that the sufficient network capacity is available. The media player does not require the installation of the additional codecs because it already contains the necessary components and built-in codecs. VLC Media Player 1.1.4 has everything you need. Thus if you have VLD Media Player 1.1.4, there is no need to keep a number of codec packs. In addition the media player in question can play the media or the file that is damaged. It is worth mentioning that the software often manages the playback of damaged and not completely loaded files.

VLC Media Player is designed for the operation in Windows NT and higher as well as in a great number of alternative operating systems.

Main Features of VLD Media Player 1.1.4

· Support of MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4,DVD, DivX, VCD, MP3, ogg and others;
· Support of transmission of media stream from the satellite channels transmitted by the means of such protocols as MMS, RTSP, IPSec, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, UDP, RTP and SSL/TLS;
· Broadened list of playback;
· Video and audio filters;
· Subtitles and plug-ins that favor the advanced facilities of the player;
· Free editing of the play list;
· Support of FTP;
· Support of SSL/TLS;
· Support of SOCKS proxy;
· PNG decoder;
· High speed of operation;
· High quality of result;
· Pleasant and easy to use interface;
· Support of Apple Lossless Audio codec;
· Mac OS X audio module that enables the support of all devices.

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