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BergWave is a wavelet based video de/en-coding solution.

The BergWave package currently consists of three parts :

– libbw: the main video de-/encoding library
– test: a simple example programm
– vfw: video for windows interface

BergWave is working in yv12 colorspace. Color conversion functions where XviD taken from the XviD project, a open source MPEG 4 video codec (
At the moment BergWave doesn’t support delta frames, but that’s on the doto list. To compress the yv12 image BergWave uses 5,3 wavelet transform with run length encoding.

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VC1 Codec

VC1 or Video Codec represents a new video codec VC 1 that has been developing very fast. It was developed by Microsoft for the storing of HDTV video on such carriers of new generation as HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc. The codec in question is based on Windows Media 9 format. VC-1 was released on the 3rd April, 2006. Very often it is regarded as the H.264 alternative. One of the advantages of the standard is the support of the work with the interlacing without conversion in the progressive one. This feature may be attractive for the usage of the standard in the broadcast networks.

VC-1 is the official codec for the Xbox 360 game box. FFmpeg includes the free version of VC-1 decoder.
VC-1 specification includes three codecs that have different FourCC codes.

Windows Media Video 9 (WMV3), was developed before putting into operation of VC-1. It corresponds to Simple and Main VC-1 Profiles. This makes WM3 video flow fully compatible with VC-1. When decoding video with progressive and line interlacing there different color spaces – YUV 4:2:0- and less widespread YUV 4:1:1 are used.

It should be noted that high definition films have been released in a format that was called WMV HD that is WMV3 Main Profile @ High Level.

WMVA may be called the forerunner of WVC1 and it corresponds to the Advanced Profile for the decoding with high bit rates. It was released together with Windows Media player 10 and Windows Media Format SDK 9.5. There are some differences between WMVA and WVC1.

Within the bounds of VC-1 the Advanced Profile means the use of namely WCC1. This decoder is supplied together with Windows Media Player 11.

Vista Codec Package 5.8.6

Size/OS:21.1 MB / Windows XP / Vista

Last Updated:November 26th, 2010, 07:46 UTC
All the codecs you need for Vista to play AVIs, DVDs and more!

It does not contain a media player and it doesn’t associates filetypes. With this package installed you will be able to use any media player, limited only by the players’ capabilities, to play DVD’s, movies and video clips of almost any filetype. Streaming video is supported in all popular web browsers. By default you won’t need to make any adjustments to enjoy a variety of media content immediately. Users have the ability to choose what is installed using the public redistributable or after an unattended install, you can select to remove specific portions without removing the entire package. Future releases will recognize previous releases and are capable of performing upgrade installations.

The Vista Codec Package is also compatible with all versions of Windows XP.

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