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Download Gordian Knot Codec Pack


Gordian Knot Codec Pack contains additional software for Gordian Knot Rip Pack if you don’t have it already.

AC3Filter 0.70b
– DivX 3.11 alpha
– DivX 5.2.1 Pro Trial for Win2K/XP
– XviD 1.0.3
– Morgan Stream Switcher 0.99
– Huffyuv cce-patch
– ffdshow alpha 2004-10-12
– OGG filter
– Core Vorbis 1.0
– Matroska splitter & muxer
– VSFilter 2.33

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MainConcept DV Codec


Many people believe that the DV editing process does not result in any video quality loss. Actually, there is the potential for loss during editing (for example, when titles or transitions are added).

The MainConcept DV Codec is widely recognized as offering the best quality and rendering speed.

It is compatible with any program which supports standard Video for Windows codecs.

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Avid AVI CoDec


A rather strange codec, it allows for uncompressed as well as various levels of compressed. Compressed is expressed through ratios rather than percentages or data rates (a common method within Avid products and high-end video, but rarely found elsewhere).

I’ve gotten some strange playback errors using uncompressed, and the compressed options are not efficient enough for this codec to be used as a delivery option. Best not to use unless you are transferring material to or from an Avid system, and even then there are better codecs to use.

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ASV1 Video Codec,


The Asus Video V1 codec is identified by the FourCC Code ASV1. This code tells the video player which codec is required for playback.

The FourCC Code: ASV1 would require the Asus Video V1 codec.

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VCRx Codec


Video captured with this codec on an ATI video card will not playback on a computer with a non-ATI video card without the ATI VCR2 codec. It is also know and the ATI VCRX codec or ATIVCRX codec. ATI does not support the ATI VCR2 codec on Windows 2000 or later.

ATI VCR2 Planar Format Codec Installation

1. Click the download button and save the ATI VCR2 codec installer to your desktop.
2. Double-click on the ATI VCR2 codec installer.
3. Click [Install].
4. Once the ATI VCR2 codec installation is complete.

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DScaler MPEG Filters

Free MPEG2 video decoder codec. Install Dscaler MPEG Filters and play MPEG2 (DVD, SVCD) in Windows Media Player or other video players like Media Player Classic, The Core Media Player, Zoom Player.

Changes in DScaler MPEG Filters 0.0.8 :

– Fix for fading subtitles
– Fix for DTS clipping with stereo output
– Fix for some property page issues.

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Total Video Player

Version: Total Video Player 1.31

Price: Free

Operating System: Windows 2000/XP/2003 Server/Vista, DirectX 9, FLASH8

Software Engineer: iTinySoft

Web Site: Total Video Player

Size: 3.66 MB

Total Video Player 1.31 Download:

Total Video Player
is a media player that is able to play all the most popular video formats including 3gp, Mp4, H264, Mp3, Wma, Ogg, Mpeg-1,Mpeg-2. Total Video Player does not require the installation of any video codecs. The given player also supports Flash format Total Video Player-flv, and it plays it as well as Adobe Flash Player. The player also supports DVDs, CD Audio and Swf Flas Files.

With Total Video Player you do not need various video codecs because the software has its own mode of encoding and decoding. In spite of its small size, Total Video Player is able to playback any video file without any problem.

Total Video Player 1.31 has undergone some changes in the graphic interface. Besides, there were some mistakes corrected from the previous versions. Total Video Player 1.31 is a freeware and it does not require activation or a license key. The given version also includes bug fixes and GUI enhancements.

AC3 Filter

AC3Filter is a free DirectShow-filter meant for the encoding and sound processing in real time. The filter encodes AC3/DTS audio formats, supports the multi-channel and/or digital (S/PDIF) passthroughs. There is also the ability of the playback of AVI and MPEG-2 (DVD) files with audio tracks in AC3 format. The filter in question is based on liba52 library that was fully remade. AC3 filter is distributed under GNU GPL license and it has been translated in 20 languages.

It should be noted that AC3 filter is distinguished by high functionality and a great number of settings.

The main features of AC3Filter:

·The AC3Filter decodes AC3, DTS, MPEG1, and Audio Layer I/II formats.

·It supports WAV/AC3, WAV/DTS, AVI/DTS, AVI/AC3, and DVD.

·Sound processing from any source;

·The decomposition of any source into six channels;

·Total information about sound track format;

·The AC3Filter supports the mode of SPDIF passthrough;

·The output of multi-channel sound on SPDF from any source (AC3 encoding on the uptake);

·Per-channel amplification for all input and output channels;

·The automatic control of amplification;



·The analyser of acoustical spectrum;

·Mixing in Dolby Surround / Pro Logic / Pro Logic II;

·Dynamic Range Compression (DRC);

·The indication of levels for input/output channels;

·The availability of the matrix mixer. There is also the ability to modify mixing matrix directly.


Splash Pro



MPEG-4 AVC/H.264,MPEG-2 ,DivX,DVD Playback ,



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ArcSoft TotalMedia Theatre Platinum


In addition to basic DVD player functions, ArcSoft TotalMedia Theatre offers media and file format support for H.264/WMV-HD and BDMV/BDAV/BDJ/AVCHD.

Blu-ray 3D movie, 3D DVD and native stereo 3D video playback. Sim3D allows you to playback DVDs and videos you already own in 3D. Advanced SimHD brings DVD video resolution to near high definition. Online video download, playback, and share.

Full support to play:
· Blu-ray (BDMV, BDAV, BD-Java),
· High definition interactive content, including HDi and BD-Java
· High definition multimedia files: QuickTime, RealPlayer, DVR-MS, WMV HD, DivX HD, H.264 HD
Advanced video decoding:
· MPEG-1
· MPEG-2
· MPEG-4
· VC1 (SMPTE 421M)
· H.264 HD
· Support for music playback: CDs, MP3 CDs, and other music discs
· Region code setting
· AACS support for HD DVD and Blu-ray
· Parental control
· Smart Stretch
· Time Stretch
· Auto Enhance
· Screen capture
· Auto-resume play
· Playlist creation
· Easy to use: pop-up menu, shortcut keys for playback actions.

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