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Real Codec Pack


Download:Real Codec Pack
Software introduction:
◎ Real Cedec core version;
◎ Main Player Media Player Classic, version;
◎ Support IE Opera Firefox web embedded RealMedia player;
◎ support streaming media protocols pnm: / / and rtsp: / /;
◎ the WMP add ra ram rm rmvb format support;
◎ the WMP add Opera Firefox web embedded section of skin support.

◎ default extraction path is:. Real Codec Pack, can choose; If the installation directory after the move, simply run a “installation. Exe” can be;
◎ Please uninstall extract the directory to run “Uninstall. Exe”, manually delete the directory.

Download ACE Mega Codec Pack Pro V6.03


Download:ACE Mega Codec Pack Pro V6.03
Software description:

Currently the Internet’s most complete multimedia file playback plugin CoDecS, ActiveX FilterS and other applications (based on the Microsoft Media Player) Collection, with it, you no longer have to plug due to lack of players can not normally watch, listen to worry about video files ! Also provides some free playback and recording tools.

Codec Pack All in 1 Download


Download:Codec Pack All in 1

A very good kit free multimedia file decoder, set top decoder in one, is an indispensable tool for Divx player! Including DivX v5.0.3 decoder; XviD (Koepi “s binaries) v04.10.2002 (Stable) decoder; DivX, XviD – FFDShow v03.01.2003 alpha decoder; g400 v2.7cz decoder; DVobSub v2.23 decoder; OGG Vorbis v0.9.9.5 decoder; AC3 v0.63 decoder; Morgan Multimedia Stream Switcher v0.97 decoder.

My Codec Pack 1.06 Final(

License Type: free;
Size: 16.2 MB;
Latest Update: 06.08.2009
Download:My Codec Pack 1.06 Final(

* My Codec Pack is a mainstream media format supported codec pack, produced by the Air Studio, fully supports the Windows 2000 operating system above.
* My Codec Pack produced by NSIS installer and tools, carefully selected decoder, with a minimum size to support most formats, while supporting multiple languages.
* My Codec Pack with the latest Media Player Classic – Homecinema compiled version of the core, to support Vista’s EVR and VMR renderer OSD display color adjustment, and so on.

Tip: To consider the stability of your system, we strongly recommend that you install My Codec Pack uninstall in the system before the other decoder.

K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 6.60

Developer:Home Page

K-Lite Codec Pack to provide you with most audio format decoder, installed it, your player can take-all most video formats. Standard Edition includes the vast majority of today’s players can download online for free, play audio and video files required for the decoder; full version is included on the more commonly used file format is not supported and comes with a media player.
    Common video playback plug-in collection, including the current date: – BSplayer 0.86.501

Download K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 6.60 now