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Nvidia Pure video


NVIDIA PureVideo Decoder is a programme that remarkably improves the visualisation of multimedia files in the Microsoft players, Windows Media and Windows Media Center Edition.

NVIDIA PureVideo Decoder improves considerably the playback quality of DVD or MPEG-2 files and uses the Dolby Digital system for audio, generating a spectacular experience for the user.

NVIDIA PureVideo Decoder uses to the maximum the devices the user has, allowing for hardware accelerated video processing giving very realistic and vivid colours.

NVIDIA PureVideo Decoder is a fundamental programme in case of having a nVidia GeForce 6 graphic card or better because it gives spatiotemporal deinterlacing functions, inverse telecine and correction of 3:2 pulldown mistakes.

Main Features:
MPEG-2 decoder
– Dolby Digital Surround sound decoder
– CPU use resolution.

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