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Midvid JPEG Video Code


Midvid JPEG Video Codec is primarily meant for archival and editing purposes. It encodes 24bit or 32bit RGB source data only, and outputs in 24bit. The codec encodes every frame as a keyframe so you can scrub back and forth without it ever choking.

This great for editing and scratch table VJs may also enjoy playing around with it for this feature. A fast machine will playback files in realtime, though as mentioned above live performance wasn’t the original idea.

Those of you using formats like RAW to edit and/or store video files will find this codec a much more attractive solution as it makes much smaller files while basically retaining all of the quality.

If you set the quality to 100% you get lossless compression, just like encoding a still image in jpeg format at 100%, but it will still be a factor of 8 or better than uncompressed. At 90% you’re looking at 15 to 1, while the image will still be fantastic.

The codec will auto-detect and use MMX, P2, P3, or P4 instructions if it can.

Important Note :

– The Midivid JPEG codec is Win98/2k compatible.

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