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Micro DVD Player


A video player and MPEG4 converter,but there is more to come.
With the help of this program you can make so-called “Micro DVD” having external codecs.
It means that you can convert your video of any file type to MPEG4 video file and the background music to MP3 audio file at once.
It is very convenient because MPEG4 video file and MP3 audio file have fantastic quality and at the same time low file size.
Herewith you can playback any audio or video file type supported by Windows Media Player. Of course, you will enjoy a simple navigation menu of the player near to the original menu of the home video player.
If you have interest in foreign languages or you want to watch your favorite movie in the original language, you can use subtitles, even add your own ones. Micro DVD Player also supports mixed-language mode,
so you will be able to watch the movies with the mixed-language speech. In addition to that Micro DVD Player can playback your movie from CD continuously if you have two CD-ROM drives in your system.
The program can run with the IR remote control.
Micro DVD Player is a freeware and doesn’t demand the installation, therefore the program doesn’t fill the registry and system files of Windows with the unnecessary information.

License: Freeware.

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