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Media Player Classic

Media Player Classic

14 Feb 2010



Media Player Classic
is a very powerful multimedia player that first appeared in July 2002. It was developed by the Hungarian program builder famous as Gabest. He is also the author of a number of DirectShow filters.

The given player comes with an interface that resembles that of Windows Media Player 6.4. However do not confuse these two players as the player in question is a very powerful one that has the support of all subtitle formats (SSA and ASS included, with the proper display of text styles). The subtitles in Unicode format are also supported. Media Player Classic includes the following features and options: built-in decoders of various formats of sound and video compressing, the ability to choose audio track, the transfer of audio channels for multi-channel systems, the support of such formats playback as QuickTime and Real Media (of course if you have installed them), built-in splitters for Ogg, and MP4. Media Player Classic has the developed interface and a great number of software functions and options, for example such as frame capture. It also supports WinLIRC interface for the remote-control station.

The unique features of the program in question include the ability of DVD video playback without any additional programs, the ability of video playback from any TV, video grabber card or digital video camera connected to digital interface. This is very useful in case if you do not have a TV set at hand.

Media Player Classic
can use VMR for video playback as well. Thus you will get an unusual technology of the subtitle imaging with the use of up to date video card functions. The quality of the text display will be much higher than by using the traditional method. The other unique feature of the player in question is the use of Pixel Shaders 2.0 for the hardware acceleration of various methods of video post processing.

Media Player Classic
is distributed for free. There are two versions of this player: for Windows 98/ME and for Windows 2000/XP. Therefore you should carefully choose the appropriate file.

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