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Ligos Indeo Codec 5.11


Video codecs originally developed by Intel, but later taken over by Ligos. Used widely throughout many years. Latest versions provide good picture quality and many different bit rates.

A new wavelet compression algorithm that greatly improves visual quality.
– Better compression at all levels of video quality than previous generation codecs.
– Playback performance enhancements for Pentium II processor, including smoother, interpolated “zoom by 2” playback on processors with MMX technology.
– Progressive Download, a feature enabled in Microsoft DirectShow architecture and supported by Internet Explorer 4.0 (or higher) browser, which allows high-quality scalable video for the Internet and intranets.
– Indeo video version 5.11 supports encoding with Microsoft DirectShow

– Indeo XP for Windows includes Indeo Video version 5.2 and Indeo Audio 2.5 and is available for purchase and download through Ligos Corporation website.

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