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How to Stop Buffering in Streaming Video?

Buffering is one of the major problems that arise when streaming a video while on the internet. There are many causes for the streaming video problems. There may be issues with the website on which the video is being streamed; even the firewalls can be responsible for the slow streaming and hence buffering. The internet connection can also be behind such problems as a slower connection causes a greater trouble. Obsolete software can sometimes too cause the streaming problems and the hardware plays it part in the buffering problems streaming too. When the hardware such as sound and graphics card is not proper there can be problems related to video streaming. Here are a few methods for ceasing buffering and avoiding video streaming problems.


  • If you find any buffering taking place while the video streaming, you can stop the process and perform it some time later. There may be cases where the websites shut the servers down for the maintenance, thereby causing stalls in the video streaming.
  • If the problem persists the other unnecessary podcast software programs or any other software and video accelerators can be shut down. Start the program again after doing this and the problem may be solved.
  • To stop buffering you can also try this simple step out. Open the Windows Media Player and select “Options” from the “Tools” menu. Now select “Performance” and then “Network Buffering” and “Buffer”.
  • There appears a text box where you can enter 60 or any higher value as per your wish. This may solve the buffering problems but the only issue is that you may have to wait before the video begins to play.
  • To stop buffering of online videos you need to check the connection of your internet. When the internet speed is slow the buffering is bound to occur. You can replace the Dial up internet connection with broadband or DSL services.
  • Having some unnecessary windows open while playing the video may also cause buffering. So make sure all the other windows are closed to stop the buffering of videos.
  • Go to control panel and find “Internet Options” and in the “General” tab select “Delete temporary internet files” and also check the box for “Delete all offline content” and click “OK”.
  • You can also solve the problem by visiting the “Control Panel” and clicking the “Display” option. Move to the “Settings” tab and select “Advanced” and then the “Troubleshoot” option. Bring the hardware acceleration in a disabled state by dragging the slider to the extreme left.

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