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Full Screen Player

Full Screen Player

Price: Free
Size: 385 KB
Operating System: 98/ME/2000/XP

Full Screen Player is a DVD player specially designed for individuals who value comfortable full screen viewing. 99% of commands are performed by the means of a single mouse click. The player in question plays video from physically broken discs (scratched within reasonable limits, however not broken). Full Screen Player supports the extension of abilities by plug-ins.

The player menu does not close the image of a movie as it is transparent. All the control elements appear directly on the image of a movie. They appear when pointing the mouse and then disappear by themselves.

The other options of Full Screen Player include:

·Fast enlargement of a picture and instantaneous panning;

·The cutting of an uneven border of a picture;
·The opening of VideoCd standard play lists and the most popular players;

·The searching of video on CD and DVD;

·The ability to omit static pictures and ads as well as the initial menu when watching DVD.

·“Favorite Folder” function. Beginning with Windows 2000, there a new element has appeared Open File Dialog such as Place Bar. This function serves for the fast choice of the most popular and important folders (Journal, My Documents, etc.). Each of these folders you can replace by your own (fro example you can replace them by a folder where you keep all the films). All these folders will be available from each application.

·Frame-by-frame rewinding;


·Several modes of the computer shut down.

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