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Free DVD Decoder for Windows Media Player 11

Windows Media Player MPEG-2 and DVD Video Decoder Utility are applied to Media Player 10. The given software by Microsoft is developed for Windows XP and Media Player 10. The full size is 0.2 MB. The Windows XP Video Decoder Checkup Utility allows you to check whether a DVD decoder is installed on your computer. It also helps you to verify if the decoder is compatible with Windows Media Player 10 and Windows Media Center Edition. Speaking about MPEG- 2 decoder, it represents software that realizes operating of DVDs and such files that include video content encoded in the MPEG- 2 format (DVR-MS files, MPG files, and some of AVI files). In case if you came across some problems while using Windows Media Player 10 to copy recorded TV shows to a Media Center you can resort to the given utility to check if you have a compatible MPEG-2 decoder on your PC.

As far as Microsoft free Media Player 11 concerns, this software requires Windows XP and Vista. The updated software is distinguished by revamped interface. The application is dark and shiny and now one can choose between different hues. The software’s left side represents a panel for your library, and the right side allows you to create playlists that can be ripped, burned or synced by the means of a mobile device. In addition Microsoft’s developers paid much attention to the integrating an excellent search function in this new version of Windows Media Player interface. You simply have to type the name of an artist and you will receive the results in the main window. Windows Media Player 11 simplifies the browsing of your media, as the Media Library button gives you access to your music, recorded TV, movie files and pictures. If you want to search for new media files on your PC all you have to do is to click Media Information Changes. So this option will scan your computer automatically. It is also very easy to burn and rip in Windows Media Player; however the converting is limited to WMA, WAV and MP3.

Windows Media Player 11 is considered a great improvement from the version 10. The up-to-date version simplified the process of browsing through the media. You can also check music on a data bulk of online stores, and what is more, you can load the music with small features to make over the interface.

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