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ffvfw 20031028


Video for Windows and DirectShow codec based on VFW code from XviD project and using libavcodec library from ffmpeg project for compression. Few other compression libraries are supported too.
Latest unofficial versions also supports other compressions like WMW, MPEG1, MPEG2.

various compression methods: MPEG 4 compatible (Xvid, DivX 4, DivX 5) using libavcodec or XviD; Divx 3 compatible, MSMPEG4v2, MSMPEG4v1; WMV1/7, WMV2/8; H263, H263+; HuffYUV in YV12 colorspace; MJPEG; MPEG 1; Theora (not for regular use, format isn’t stabilized yet); MPEG 2 by using mpeg2enc code from MJPEGtools project; all Windows Media Video 9 supported encoders with output to asf/wmv file or AVI
– all common encoding modes: constant bitrate, fixed quantizer, fixed quality, two pass encoding (depends on compressor features)
– for libavcodec and XviD detailed selection of motion estimation method
– minimum and maximum I frames interval
– minimum and maximum quantizer selection, quantizer type and trellis quantization selection for libavcodec
– adaptive quantization (aka. masking) for libavcodec and XviD, single coefficient elimination
– selectable compression of starting and ending credits
– two curve compression algorithms for second pass of two pass encoding – thanks to XviD developers
– second pass simulation: although not very precise, still helpful for tweaking advanced curve compression parameters
– ability to use libavcodec internal two pass code
– image preprocessing with ffdshow image filters (latest ffdshow version must be installed)
– graph during encoding: if your encoding program doesn’t provide one
– B frames support: from one to eight consecutive B frames
– support for MPEG 4 quarterpel and GMC
– selectable interlaced encoding
– decompression.

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