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DivX AntiFreeze 0.4


Sometimes video clips contain invalid frames that cause Media Player to freeze the image. Theoretically player should recover from the problem, but it doesn’t. So image is freezed permanently until clip position is manually changed (by moving position slider). DivX AntiFreeze avoids such freezings

DivX AntiFreeze can be configurably used for DivX and MS MPEG4 (v1, v2, v3) clips.

NB! DivX AntiFreeze just avoids permanent freezings during playback, it does not fix the clip.

Known problems :

– In case of serious errors, video and audio of may get out of sync. Move position slider to resync it.

Changes in DivX AntiFreeze 0.4 :

– Added support for MS MPEG4 (v1, v2, v3) formats.
– Few minor changes.

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