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DirectShow FilterPack


DirectShow FilterPack is a lite-weight package of DirectShow media filters which, together with FFDShow, will enable you to play many different kinds of encoded/encrypted audio and video with your favorite DirectShow media player.

DirectShow FilterPack consists of 10 Source- and Splitter filters (stage 1 and 2). That’s because another piece of software called FFDShow is already capable of decoding a lot of encoded/encrypted audio and video, but FFDShow can do much more than that!

DirectShow FilterPack greatly relies on FFDShow and FFDShow is almost completely useless without Splitter filters, but DirectShow FilterPack and FFDShow together can play/render almost anything! Many Splitter filters and a couple of Source filters are also embedded in Media Player Classic (a DirectShow media player). But Media Player Classic can’t play/render lossless audio for instance, so in this case DirectShow FilterPack is still usefull.

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