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DefilerPak 1.22


The DefilerPak is a minimalist collection of video and audio codecs designed to keep you up to date with the latest developments.

What’s included in DefilerPak ?

– ffdshow: Rapidly making codec packs obsolete. Plays almost everything.
– Haali Media filter: Supports the Matroska and MP4 A/V container formats.
– VSFilter: Supports a wide variety of subtitle formats.
– DivX 😉 Audio: Just in case.
– AC3 XForm filter: Makes life a little easier for folks with external Dolby Digital decoders.
– HDTVPump: Support for HD/ATSC transport streams.

Component versions :

– ffdshow ver. 12-08-2005
– DivX 😉 Audio Codec ver. 4.2
– VSFilter ver 2.37
– Haali’s Media Splitter v2005-11-25
– Gabest AC3/DTS XForm Filter 1.0
– HDTVPump 1.0.7

Changes in DefilerPak 1.22 :

– Hopefully finally fixed the bug that prevented totally clean Windows installs from working.
– You can now optionally have DefilerPak leave the ‘thumbnail preview’ features in WinXP alone.
– Post-processing enabled by default, and in silent mode installs.
– Switched from volume normalization to a +3db bump. Should sound better.

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