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Crystal Player

Crystal Player Pro is a video player that features advanced facilities and user friendly interface. The universal player comes with the following features: the change of language and interface, the support of subtitles, the advanced information about video files, the support of a great number of audio and video compressions, etc. The Pro version also includes additional filters for post processing of video and sound (alternative filter of MPEG-video post processing included) and the function of automatic loading of the necessary codecs from the Internet. The given player ensures the smooth video playback by the means of the increase of frames for any video recording (the Multisampling technology). The ordinary version of Crystal Player Pro is distributed free of charge (Crystal Player Free), the professional version (Crystal Player Pro) costs about $30.

Crystal Player Pro operates with the play lists, supports external subtitles, has a great number of video filters, and allows reading truncated avi-files. The software includes a lot of low-level settings of audio and video output (overlay adjustment, color convertor, bilinear ranging and others).

Crystal Player Pro realizes video and audio buffering, has several modes of control for speed deficiency on low-power computers. The player uses large buffers created for decoded frames as well. This feature lets to evade frame-skip and glitches in the majority of cases. The universal video player is speed optimized. If you have problems with speed, it is recommended to try Crystal Player. Probably, the lower speed is caused by the nonoptimal overlay installation and the lack of buffering.

In addition, Crystal Player Pro includes the built-in AVI-Parser. The player supports XML-skins that ensure advanced facilities for the improvement of the software form.


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