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BoliGego Codec Manager


BoliGego Codec Manager is a flexible collection of the most used codecs. “Flexible” means that you can choose what codecs you want to install.

Audio: DivX Audio, Fraunhofer, Ogg, Wox
• Video: DivX 3.xx, DivX 4.xx, DivX 5.1, Xvid, 3ivX, AngelPotion, Huffyuv, Morgan MJPEG, MS Mpeg-4, At3 (Experimantal), Intel 263
• DirectShow: AC3, CyberLink, DivXAF, DivXG400, Dump, SVCD Elecard, SVCD Ligos, IMedia, Inter AV, Lame, Morgan MSwitch, Mpg2Split, AviSplitter, Ogg
• DirectX: Windows Media Files

Changes in BoliGego Codec Manager :

– Added PDVCodec v2.64.1119.1600
– Added wmvcore.dll v10.0.0.3646
– Added WMVADVE.DLL v10.0.0.3646
– Added wmvadvd.dll v10.0.0.3646
– BugFix – Fixed xvidcore.dll bug

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