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Best Codec Pack with DVD Decoders


Size: 0.6 MB

Interface: English

System Requirements: Win9x/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7 Developer: Xvid Codec 1.2.2


Xvid is a codec meant for working with video. This MPEG-4 codec is distinguished by high speed of operating and completely acceptable quality of pictures. The Xvid Codec is designed on the basis of free Open-Source. The files compressed by Xvid codec can be recorded on a CD or DVD and then played on a DVD player compatible with DivX. Xvid is the main competitor of DivX Pro codec. As opposed to DivX codec, proprietary software, that was developed by DivX, Inc., Xvid is free ware based on the source code of the codec (DivX). Xvid is distributed under GNU General Public License. It also means that Xvid can be used on all platforms and operating systems, for which one can compile the source code of the codec. It is worth mentioning that the methods of compressing used in MPEG-4 are patent, therefore in some countries the use of Xvid may be illegal. Concerning DivX codec, it was designed only for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X.

XP Codec Pack 2.5.1

Size: 7.49 MB

Developer: XP Codec Pack

Interface: Multi

System Requirements: Windows 2000/XP/Vista


XP Codec Pack represents one of the most complete codec packages meant for the working with audio and video files. It allows you to play the main audio and video formats. The given package includes: AC3Filter, AVI Splitter, CDXA Reader, CoreAAC (AAC DirectShow Decoder), CoreFlac Decoder, FFDShow MPEG-4 Video Decoder, GPL MPEG-1/2 Decoder, Matroska Splitter, OggSplitter/CoreVorbis, RadLight APE Filter, RadLight MPC Filter, RadLight OFR Filter, RealMedia Splitter, RadLight TTA Filter, The Codec Detective, VSFilter (DirectVobSub). Besides the XP Codec Pack contains Media Player Classic, the player of media files. Before installation of the pack in question it is advisable to remove previously installed versions of codecs from the system, otherwise there various conflicts can appear between previously installed codecs and the new ones. The developer of XP Codec Pack affirms that the given pack is free of spyware and viruses. It is compact, user-friendly and 100% legal and freeware. In addition you can install or uninstall the XP Codec Pack without any difficulties.

Satsuki Decoder Pack

Year of Release: 2010

Developer: Satsuki Inc.

System Requirements: Windows XP/2003/Vista/Se7en Status: Freeware

Interface: Multi

Size: 11.43 MB


Satsuki Decoder Pack contains a great number of codecs needed for video watching and listening to audio as well as utility program that may be necessary for watching of digital films and reels. The package contains audio and video auto installable filters and decoders that are supported by Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/Se7en. Satsuki Decoder Pack is free of spyware, adware and other programs that can harm your computer. It is an uncommercial product that is distributed 100% free. With the help of the package in question, computer users can use it to decode the majority of video files. Satsuki Decoder Pack includes only filters and decoders and thus it evades any conflicts.

Satsuki Decoder Pack includes the following components: ·· Video player – Media Player Classic ·· Mpeg4 Decoder – FFdshow ·· Real Media Decoder – Realmediasplitter , HFE2 ·· Windows Media 7/8 Decoder (FFdshow) ·· Mpeg2/DVD Decoder – Fraunhofer mpeg2 video/audio ·· VP6 Decoder – VP6dec ·· VP3 Decoder – VP3vfw ·· H264 Decoder – FFdshow ·· XVD Decoder – Audio, Video, splitter ·· VSFilter ·· AC3/DTS Decoder – FFdshow ·· AAC/AAC+ Decoder – CoreAAC ·· OGM Decoder – FFdshow, OggSplitter ·· MP2/MP3 – FFdshow ·· MPC Decoder – RLMPCdec ·· APE Decoder – RLAPEdec ·· OFR Decoder – RLOFRdec ·· Flac Decoder – FFdshow ·· AVI Decoder – AVIsplitter ·· MP4 Decoder – 3ivxSplitter ·· MKV Decoder – MkvSplitter ·· XCDA Decoder – XCDA Reader

Cole2k Media – Codec Pack V7.9.1 Standard

Developer: Cole Williams

Status: Freeware

Interface: English

Version: 7.9.1

Size: 8, 28 MB

System Requirements: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7 (DirectX 9 or higher suggested)


Cole2k Media – Codec Pack 7.9.1 is a collection of codecs and filters needed for encoding, decoding, watching of the majority video files and listening to audio files. You can install the Standard Codec Pack easily through the informative menu. In the issue any DirectShow enabled player will be able to playback a diversity of file formats. It is worth mentioning that the components of the Standard Codec Pack do not come into conflicts with each other. Thanks to the warnings in the description pane, a computer user has the ability to unselect some options that may lead to these conflicts. Thus the user blocks the possible conflict cases. Before installation of the pack in question it is strongly recommended to remove previously installed codec packs to avoid future problems.

Features: ● ffdshow Video Codec 20100303 Revision 3299 by xxl. ● CoreAVC ● On2 Technologies VP7 Video (Decoder) Codec 7.0.8. ● Flash Video Splitter 1.2.908. ● InterVideo Video Filter ● CyberLink DVD Video/SP Filter ● AC3Filter 1.63b. ● Core AAC Playback Filter + AAC Parser Filter 1.1.0 By Tom Judd. ● Core Vorbis Playback Filter + OGG Splitter 1.2.908 By Gabest. ● RadLight OFR Playback Filter – for OptimFROG. ● DSP-worx Bass source filter 1.11. ● Haali Media Splitter 19/12/09 – For MP4, MKV, OGM and AVI container files. ● RealMedia Source Splitter 1.2.908. ● MPEG Splitter 1.2.908. ● AVI – AC3/DTS Converter + DTS/AC3 Source Filter By Gabest. ● VSFilter – Subtitle Reader. ● CDXA Reader – Also known as Form 2 Mode 2 CD or XCD.

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