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Best Codec Pack with DVD Decoders

The Codecs 5.0

Size: 5.5 Mb

System Requirements: Win9x/Me/NT/2000/XP Developer: The Codecs 5.0


The Codecs is a collection of the newest and best codecs needed to view the majority of digital films in various formats such as DivX, VCD, SVCD and others. Thus the Codecs is considered the most powerful and completed pack that includes a diversity of audio and video codecs. To begin the process of installation first you should uninstall codecs (Divx, Xvid, etc.) that were installed previously. Then install either normal or lite codec package that you consider to be appropriate for you. It is not necessary for you to reboot your pc, however you can do it. Advantages of the Codecs 5.0 ·

There are two versions of The Codecs available: Full package and Lite Package; ·Both of these versions are distinguished by good functionality as opposed to many codec packages; ·To copy Lite codec pack you will need a single 1.44 diskette; ·It is very easy to install or uninstall codecs; ·The Codecs allows you to solve the most common problems connected with the codecs and their installation.

Technical Information: Codecs and filters contained in The Codecs: Divx (6) Free: DivX 😉 MPEG-4 Video (Fast&Low): XviD Koepi’s build: 1.2 ffdshow filter: 28/08/2006 Intel I.263 Video Driver: AC3Filter (Audio): 1.0.9.a MPEG Layer-3 Audio Codec: InterVideo Audio Decoder: Moonlight Odio Dekoda: Ogg Vorbis Filter: MM Stream Switcher: Huffyuv lossless video codec: Codecs and filters contained in The Codecs Lite: Nic’s XviD Codec 1.1.0 b2 build: 04/06/2005 ffdshow filter: 23/05/2003 AC3Filter (Audio): 0.7.0.b DivX 😉 MPEG-4 Audio: MPEG Layer-3 Audio Codec: MM Stream Switcher: Ogg Vorbis Filter: Huffyuv lossless video codec:

VistaCodecPackage 5.6.5

Size: 23.1 MB

The year of release: 2010

System Requirements: Windows Vista Interface: Multi


Vista Codec Package is a complete collection of every possible audio/video codecs and filters created for Windows Vista operating system. It is designed to be free of conflicts that can appear between codecs. Vista Codec Package allows you to use any media player and to play DVD, AVI, MPEG, movies and video clips of any format. Thus by installing this package you will be able to watch any video files without difficulty with the help of any player installed on your computer. In contrast to similar packages, codecs installed with the help of Vista Codec Package can be removed separately without the necessity to remove the entire package. The streaming video (real and quicktime) is supported in web-browsers. The computer users can choose what to install from this package. A user has the ability to re-add the removed codecs at any time as well. The given package was designed with the assistance of a great number of engineers. In the issue all the components of the pack have the minimum number of conflicts that can arise between them. The Windows Vista Codec Package includes support for 20 localizations. The package supports the following languages: English, Arabic, Chinese (Simplified/Traditional), Japanese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Polish, Swedish and Turkish. The other languages can be added on demand.

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