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AC3 Filter

AC3Filter is a free DirectShow-filter meant for the encoding and sound processing in real time. The filter encodes AC3/DTS audio formats, supports the multi-channel and/or digital (S/PDIF) passthroughs. There is also the ability of the playback of AVI and MPEG-2 (DVD) files with audio tracks in AC3 format. The filter in question is based on liba52 library that was fully remade. AC3 filter is distributed under GNU GPL license and it has been translated in 20 languages.

It should be noted that AC3 filter is distinguished by high functionality and a great number of settings.

The main features of AC3Filter:

·The AC3Filter decodes AC3, DTS, MPEG1, and Audio Layer I/II formats.

·It supports WAV/AC3, WAV/DTS, AVI/DTS, AVI/AC3, and DVD.

·Sound processing from any source;

·The decomposition of any source into six channels;

·Total information about sound track format;

·The AC3Filter supports the mode of SPDIF passthrough;

·The output of multi-channel sound on SPDF from any source (AC3 encoding on the uptake);

·Per-channel amplification for all input and output channels;

·The automatic control of amplification;



·The analyser of acoustical spectrum;

·Mixing in Dolby Surround / Pro Logic / Pro Logic II;

·Dynamic Range Compression (DRC);

·The indication of levels for input/output channels;

·The availability of the matrix mixer. There is also the ability to modify mixing matrix directly.


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