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Why Do You Need a DVD Decoder?

There are hardware based decoders and DVD software decoders. The hardware based decoders are recommended for people who have computers operating on the basis of Pentium 90..200. There is no need of some additional potentialities of a video board. This fact represents an obvious advantage of the given decoder. Its connection to the video board is effectuated thanks to the passthrough connection by analogy of 3D daughter cards on the basis of Voodoo/Voodoo2 by 3Dfx. It is worth mentioning that a hardware based decoder will display all its performance capabilities by depicting the image on TV screen. The advantages of video transfer to TV screens have a range of advantages. First of all one may single out the big size of picture, the capability of TV connection in the ratio 16:9. The capability of such operating is specified in a great number of DVD discs. In addition, hardware based decoders have S/PDIF connectors. Thus by connecting a special receiver with corresponding audiosystem , which is equipped by AC3 or DTS decoder, you will receive multi-channel sound and will change your computer into DVD drive-in theater. However the side effect is explained by the fact that many TV sets have small resolution, therefore one can not see a maximal size picture.

Hardware based decoders are very easy to use. The video is transferred independently on TV screen. So you can work at your computer, while the others may watch a film. Owners of the computers which operate on the basis of Pentium 11/ Celeron 300+ processors can install software decoders. The given decoders imply the hard-ware-based supporting of overlay video boards. This function is of great importance because it ensures the video transfer to the screen without speed and ranging losses. In this case while purchasing a video-board it is advisable to give preference to such video-boards, which have TV-Out. Generally software DVD decoders are supplied with the unit of a video board. They can also be purchased per Internet.

Best DVD Decoder Pack

DVD Decoder Pack operates with Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Windows Vista. The interface’s language is English. It enables reading video DVD with Windows Media Player. The given DVD decoder Pack represents DVD playback device of the high quality on a Microsoft Windows Vista™ PC. It is the industry’s best DVD navigation. It allows playing of DVD, MPEG-2 and 5.1- channel Dolby Digital files in Windows Media Player. In addition, the DVD decoder Pack can support a great number of VGA cards.

Sonic CinePlayer DVD Decoder Pack software is specially developed for Windows Media Player. You will enjoy video top-quality with optimum system performance for your computer which is based on Windows XP. The given software excels the other DVD decoders and DVD software units, thanks to its full frame rate video without any frame drops. You will be pleasantly amazed by video’s clarity and details.

Features of CinePlayer DVD Decoder Pack 2.3.1.:
The top-quality DVD playback device on a computer;
Excellent CinePlayer picture quality;
The industry’s leading DVD navigation;
Support of MPEG – 2 video;
Support of many VGA cards;
An exceptional performance and quality of any Windows XP DVD pack add-on;
Precise DVD audio performance, even on a notebook sound system;
Full Dolby AC3 decoding down mix to 2 channel “Stereo” or “Dolby Pro” (Dolby Certified).

Microsoft DTV DVD Video Decoder

If you want to watch HD video in this case it is necessary to install codecs that are able to decode FullHD video. The most popular HD codecs are MPC video decoder, coreavc, ffdshow and Microsoft DTV-DVD.

As concerns Microsoft DTV-DVD video decoder, it is worth mentioning that it is supplied with Windows Seven. The DTV-DVD decoder supports all modern formats, and hard-ware based video acceleration. However while creating media centre at your home and while using several devices you may be faced with problems that are connected with MKV files reproduction in HD quality. You may have problems with video playing that explains lower speed of image display and sound. After some investigations by the means of GraphEdit it was cleared up what kind of codecs were operating. And it became clear that Microsoft DTV/DVD decoder caused the problem of video playing. No doubt that Microsoft DTV/DVD decoder reproduced files correctly; however it was ineffective for files reproduction on old computes. So these CPU are not powerful enough to play the files.

Therefore replacing of Microsoft codecs in Microsoft 7 requires the changing of registry entries:
First go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE Microsoft DirectShow  Preferred;
Then right-click “Preferred” and choose the point “Permissions’;
Select “Advanced” and navigate to the “Owner“. Choose ‘Administrators‘ and next “Replace Owner on subcontainers and objects” checkbox and click OK;
Return to the first window and select “Administrators” check ‘Full Control’ and click OK. This will help you to make changes in registry entries;
In the left part of the page find {e06d8026-db46-11cf-b4d1-00805f6cbbea} {31435641-0000-0010-8000-00AA00389B71}. Click these entries twice and then replace the data entry from CLSID codec by that codec you would like to use. Enter RadLight or Graphstudio. You can also one of these common identifiers:
1. FFDShow – {04FE9017-F873-410E-871E-AB91661A4EF7}
2. MPCVideoDecoder – {008BAC12-FBAF-497B-9670-BC6F6FBAE2C4}
3. COREAVC – {09571A4B-F1FE-4C60-9760-DE6D310C7C31}

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Free DVD Decoder for Windows Media Player 11

Windows Media Player MPEG-2 and DVD Video Decoder Utility are applied to Media Player 10. The given software by Microsoft is developed for Windows XP and Media Player 10. The full size is 0.2 MB. The Windows XP Video Decoder Checkup Utility allows you to check whether a DVD decoder is installed on your computer. It also helps you to verify if the decoder is compatible with Windows Media Player 10 and Windows Media Center Edition. Speaking about MPEG- 2 decoder, it represents software that realizes operating of DVDs and such files that include video content encoded in the MPEG- 2 format (DVR-MS files, MPG files, and some of AVI files). In case if you came across some problems while using Windows Media Player 10 to copy recorded TV shows to a Media Center you can resort to the given utility to check if you have a compatible MPEG-2 decoder on your PC.

As far as Microsoft free Media Player 11 concerns, this software requires Windows XP and Vista. The updated software is distinguished by revamped interface. The application is dark and shiny and now one can choose between different hues. The software’s left side represents a panel for your library, and the right side allows you to create playlists that can be ripped, burned or synced by the means of a mobile device. In addition Microsoft’s developers paid much attention to the integrating an excellent search function in this new version of Windows Media Player interface. You simply have to type the name of an artist and you will receive the results in the main window. Windows Media Player 11 simplifies the browsing of your media, as the Media Library button gives you access to your music, recorded TV, movie files and pictures. If you want to search for new media files on your PC all you have to do is to click Media Information Changes. So this option will scan your computer automatically. It is also very easy to burn and rip in Windows Media Player; however the converting is limited to WMA, WAV and MP3.

Windows Media Player 11 is considered a great improvement from the version 10. The up-to-date version simplified the process of browsing through the media. You can also check music on a data bulk of online stores, and what is more, you can load the music with small features to make over the interface.

CinePlayer DVD Decoder

Sonic CinePlayer DVD Decoder Pack is specially developed for Windows Media Player. The CinePlayer DVD Decoder is distinguished by superior video quality which includes optimal system performance for Windows XP-based computer. The CinePlayer DVD decoder pack stands out for displaying full frame rate video, accentuating striking clarity and details. The DVD decoder in question excels other DVD decoder and DVD software products in this regard.

CinePlayer DVD Decoder by Roxio leaves it to you to enjoy a full-screen reproduction of DVD-Video and MPEG-2 files, by the means of Windows Media Player. Thereby you are ensured a staggering quality of picture. The up-to-date version of the DVD decoder in question is supplied by technology Dolby Digital 5.1. Therefore the owners of modern stereo system can enjoy excellent sound experience.

Brief description of CinePlayer DVd Decoder:
Interface Language: English;
Developer: Sonic Solutions;
Compatible systems: WinXP.

DVD Fab Review

DVD Fab is powerful software. The software in question is used for copying of DVD and Blu-Ray discs to DVD5 or DVD 9 and to Blu-Ray discs, which has the possibilities of video current soft processing. DVD Fab is one of the best soft wares used for copy operations, partitioning, and conversion of DVD movies.

DVD Fab unprotects a disc and removes all its protections. According to your choice DVD Fab will compress a high capacity disc to fit on an ordinary empty DVD disc. In so doing you will have minimum loss in quality. The software will help you also to divide a movie into two discs with the full transfer of its menu. It will remove commercial or will copy only one film as well.

Features of DVDFab:
DVD copy operations without the quality loss;
High quality of resulting effect;
Nice and easy-to-use interface;
DVD-R/RW AND DVD+R/RW burning software;
Copy operation or extraction of video track;
Copying of DVD (NTSC AND PAL) to DVD Writer drive;
High speed of operation;
Preservation of disc’s structure, menu, files.
Removal of protection from copy operations (CSS, Region, RCE, Macrovision, UOPs and others.
Year of DVDFab releasing: 2010
Operation System: Windows® 2000/XP/Vista/7
Interface: Multilanguage
Size: 19.5 MB

Microsoft DVD Decoder for Windows XP

CinePlayer DVD Decoder is a decoder, developed for full screen reproduction of video files, having the format DVD-Video and MPEG-2. The program operates thanks to Windows Media Player and it ensures high quality reproduction. The decoding mechanism CinePlayer, which has been exlusively designed for Windows Media Player, allows to achieve the best quality of video playing and high system performance. The up-to-date version of the unit includes the supporting of the technology Dolby Digital 5.1. Therefore one can enjoy sound performance of high quality even at home.

CinePlayer DVD Decoder Family:
– CinePlayer MP3 Player Pack for Windows XP;
– CinePlayer DVD Decoder Pack for Windows XP;
– CinePlayer Decoder and MP3 Player Bundle for Windows XP.
Software size: 8 MB;
Developer: Sonic Solutions, Inc;
Requires: Windows XP.

CyberLink DVD decoder represents a software which is used for playing of DVD discs and Mpeg-2 files. CyberLink DVD decoder is considered one of the safest decoders of high-quality. The software contains adjustments of brightness, visibility, hues, and color saturation.
Software size: 13 MB;
Developer:CyberLink Corp;
Requires: Windows XP.

NVIDIA DVD decoder is a programme decoder NVIDIA® Pure Video™ for Microsoft® Windows® Media Player and Media Center Edition. It ensures smooth video playing and incomparable precision of transfer of colors while watching DVD, video and programs on a computer. The given DVD decoder maintains voluminal sounding Dolby® Digital as well.
Software size: 10 MB;
Developer: NVIDIA
Requires: Windows XP.